F. Michael Tucker

CEO of the Center for Economic Growth

About F. Michael Tucker

An accomplished business builder and advocate of private-sector development, F. Michael Tucker currently serves as president and CEO of the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) in Albany, New York. At the nonprofit CEG, F. Michael Tucker and his colleagues focus on increasing private-sector business opportunities and overall economic development in New York state’s 11-county Capital Region surrounding Albany. The CEG has three central missions: to grow local businesses through strategic development and services; to attract new business builders and investors to New York’s Tech Valley corridor; and to prepare and support communities as they grow economically and thrive.

Before joining the CEG in 2007, F. Michael Tucker served as president and CEO of the Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation (HRTDC) for three years. At the HRTDC, Mr. Tucker spearheaded the transformation of the W. A. Harriman State Office Campus in Albany into a thriving, world-class business park, focused on the research and technology industries.

F. Michael Tucker also served as president of the commercial real estate and energy development firm Mercer Management, Inc., for four years. He began working for the Mercer Companies in the early 1980s as an executive vice president. During his tenure as manager of various Mercer divisions, Mr. Tucker directed the financing and development of projects that ranged from office complexes to gas-fired cogeneration plants. 

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