A New Age For The Restaurant Industry With Restaurant Paging Systems

A New Age For The Restaurant Industry With Restaurant Paging Systems

With the introduction of restaurant pagers during the late 80s of the previous century – the way restaurants used to manage their waiting lists was almost completely revolutionized. Today those pagers are replaced by cell-phone pagers and development of pagers those blink, beep and also vibrate added a new level of efficiency to the business. It looks like that introduction of cell phones into the business has considerably improved service quality as the expensive guest pager systems are no longer required for notifying guests when a table is ready.

Success of restaurant pager system primarily depends upon the fact that 9 out of 10 people now possess a cell phone and this has turned out to be a system that is growing in popularity not only among customers but among the restaurant managers as well and that is surely for good reasons. Here are some of the most important benefits of restaurant pagers:

  • This is extremely useful for reducing waiting time and also for turning more tables
  • The present generation of cell phone paging system is around 90% cheaper when compared to the cost of a traditional restaurant pager system.
  • As guests nearly always have their personal cell phones there is absolutely no expense as pager replacement cost.
  • Cell phone restaurant pager also does not require any specialized equipment and software
  • Most of these pager systems also come bundled with automated reservation management systems and wait lists making it all the more easier for the restaurant managers
  • Another major advantage of these systems is that they have immensely improved the quality of customer service allowing them free movement within a much greater range and also timely alerting them depending upon the distance they are away from the restaurant.

A growing number of reputed restaurants from all over the world are now using restaurant pagers and presently there are more than 270 million subscribers only in America meaning that this is a system that restaurant owners and managers will continue to depend upon for a very long time. For implementing the system a restaurant only requires access to the internet via any handheld device or web enabled POS terminals. It also heavily improves their multitasking ability, when they are not busy in managing the wait list they can better utilize the time by updating the inventory and the menu or by entering food orders.

It is the combination of efficient wait list management and powerful result oriented mobile marketing technology that makes restaurant paging system a must have utility for any restaurant who wants to serve their customers with maximum efficiency using the most advanced technologies. Social mobile trends show that there is a growing tendency of using mobile discount coupon as an effective mobile marketing strategy and this is another key advantage that restaurants can benefit from. The customers have surely embraced this new technology with an open heart but will the industry accept it for a better future is now the important question we need to ponder upon. For more information on this topic – you can visit Pagertec.com.

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