The 5th #Amendment

by: MaKayla C. #kettner

A good way to remember the 5th Amendment is that there are 5 things that are pointed out in this amendment and its the 5th Amendment.

Part of the 5th Amendment states that private property cannot be taken from you to be used for public reasons without permission.

A person can be tried for a federal crime only if it has been accused by a grand jury... And that person can't go to the court and be tried more than 1 for the same crime.

The 5th amendment was made essentially to protect the innocent men that are being accused… But this has back fired in more than one “serious” case that needed to be looked at more than once but couldn’t because  of the 5th amendment. The event that determined whether or not the amendments were to be made was the Revolutionary War in which we wanted to declare or freedom and our rights. The 5th amendment was proposed on September 25th, 1789, but was ratified on December 15th, 1791. So it took less than 2 years to ratify the 5th amendment. After the 5th amendment was passed there was no changes done to the amendment.