Brasil 2014 Honduras Estimates

31 March 2014

Honduras in the Brasil world cup, they are going to play against France, Ecuador, and Switherland.

In the first match vrs France, Honduras will loose 3 to 1. France is super better than us in soccer, and they also have better players than honduras.

In the second match with Ecuador, We will win them 2 to 1. We will win they witha goal of Costly and the other one of Jerry Benston. Ecuador is like the same category of game of Honduras, but they are a little bit better.

In the last game vrs Switherland, we are going also to be tied, because last world cup we won to them but in this world cup the ones who are going to Brasil are not the best ones.

Theres a percentage of 80% to dont pass the first round, and a 20% to pass the first round and go to the second round.