Got the Eye

By Aloni Lee

Soon as Curley walked into the bunkhouse you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Everyone became apprehensive, because Curley was never up to any good, always looking for trouble. The guys continued playing the card game and ignored his presence. Curley begin to clear his throat and said, “The boss wants to see Lennie immediately… by himself.” Lennie looked at George morosely, George nodded and Lennie got up to leave. The rest of the men fell for Curley’s story about giving a bottle of whiskey to the first man to catch the raccoon that has been tearing up the trash. The men flew out, along with Lennie, leaving George and Curley alone…

Curley asks, “So... you’ve been giving my wife the eye?”

George looked up and said, “You’ve got it all wrong! Your wife has been giving every single man around here the eye.” The response must’ve triggered something in Curley, because he became sore as hell. Curley kicked the box George was sitting on which made George fall to the floor. George stood up rapidly, tackling Curley into one of the bunks. Curly then got control and shoved George to the ground giving him punches left and right.  George got and the two continued to scrap until blood leaked from their noses and knuckles, and knots formed above their eyes. 

The men finally heard all of the ruckus coming from the bunkhouse. They ran as fast as they could to find out what was happening, including Lennie. Suddenly a gun shot went off and everyone’s flapper dropped. The men continued to race to the bunkhouse.  By the time they arrived there was no George, no Curley, and no gun… Just broken windows, knocked over furniture, and a puddle of blood in the middle of the floor…

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