10 Important Bits About Being Your Child's First Teacher.

  1. You should set a bond that is a safe and secure attachment bond with your infant.
  2. Secure bonding and attachment helps a child learn how to cope with adversity.
  3. The attachment bond is a key factor in developing your infant's social, emotional, intellictual and physical well-being.
  4. A secure bond provides an optimal foundation for life: Eagerness, to learn healthy self-awareness, trust and consideration for others.
  5. By age three the brain has reached 80% of its adult size.
  6. One of the most fundamental interactions you can provide as a parent is emotional sensitivity  toward your child.
  7. If a child feels safe and loved he or she will most likely feel confident about himself or herself.
  8. The more confident your child is he or she will most likely make friends and develop secure relationships with others which will create a better school experience.
  9. Children learn best through everyday experiences with people they love and trust when learning is fun.
  10. Research shows secure attachments lead to positive self-esteem, independence, enduring relationships, empathy, compassion and resiliency later in life.