Different Types of Winds and Breezes

What is wind?

Wind is like how air moves. It is produced with the sun and uneven air temperature. Earth's surface is made or formed with land and water formations. The Earth absorbs the Sun's heat unevenly. Two factors are to specify wind: speed and the way the wind is going.

What is the jet stream?

The jet stream is fast and flowing. It is like a river of air and is found in the atmosphere 12 kilometers above the surface. It forms at boundaries of two air masses that don't have the same temperature, as the North Region and the South Region. The effect of the Earth's rotation is that the streams flow from the West to the East.

What are global wind patterns?

The Equator gets the Sun's rays. The air is always heated. The air rises, and leaves low air pressure behind, and begins to cool and go down. Between the cold air and the Equator, most of the cold air moves all the way back to the Equator.

What are prevailing westerlies?

In the middle of 30 and 60 degrees, winds going forward to the poles, actually go to the East. Wind is named for the direction it goes in. In the Northern Homosphere are responsible for many weather movements across The United States and Canada.

What is a sea breeze?

A warm sunny day on the coast and there is different heating of land-sea leads development of nearby winds called sea breezes. Air above land is heated by the Sun's radiation. The air begins to rise, and get lighter than the surrounding air. Replacing the rising air with cool air and then the cool air is taken in from above the top layer of the sea.

What is a land breeze?

A land breeze occurs at night when land cool faster that the sea. this time at night the air is warmer.

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