Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Background Information:

After World War 2 where around 6 million Jewish people were killed, there were many displaced Jews around Europe from running away and from hiding. The Jews were then given a part of Palestine but were resented by the Arabs and Palestinians. The United Nations, just founded, they voted on the General assembly Resolution 181 on November 29, 1947. This then split up Israel and Palestine into nearly 50-50 land but with the land looking like a puzzle. The 2 sides then went to war and Israeli came out on top. This then lead to the 1967 war which left Israel in control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This had then left Palestinian under military occupation of Israel's troops.

  • Israel is building illegal settlements in territories against the UN resolutions.
  • Israel is not allowing refugees to return from the land they are conquering.
  • Israel has built a wall around and through the West Bank against UN regulations, essentially  blocking in Palestine.
  • Israel blockaded and starved civilian population under occupation in violation of international law.
  • Israel is building road blocks. When these road blocks are up Palestinians cannot cross from zone to zone. This means that Israel then moves into these lands then taking more land from Palestine.
  • Israel is attacking Palestine by sending over air strikes with clusters bombs and other illegal weapons destroying buildings and ending life.
  • Israel is occupying Palestinian settlements and is controlling their lives.

Hamas now are in control of the Gaza Strip after the Israel's troops had left in 2005. Many are calling them a terrorist group, but they are just fighting for their land that was taken from Israel.  Israel has been launching military assaults on Hamas groups in Gaza from 2008-2014 to stop attacks.  Hamas plan suicide bombings against Israel in 1990s and 2000s but are now using rockets and mortars.

Nations Involved

  1. While this war is mainly focused Israel and Palestine, one country outside the middle east that is involved is the US. Israel receives the most aid from the US in weapons and money. Other countries that are allies with Israel include Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom and India.
  2. Other countries involved that support Palestine are Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and majority of Muslim and Arab Countries.

Non Violent Resolution

Right now there seems to be no non violent resolutions about the conflict. This conflict is so complicated that there cant be a real solution to the problem. Israel states that the land was theirs before Palestine and took over the land. And now when Palestine wants to take land back from the UN resolution, Israel states Palestine is not a real state.  Palestine states they want their land back, but Israel is more powerful and says Palestine is not a real state. A one state solution would mean that Palestine is lost of their land but a two state solution would mean Israel is mad. This war is a religious, ethic, cultural, and land war.

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