Email Etiquette

Stefany Garcia


1.Be concise and to the point.

2.Answer all questions and pre-empt further questions.

3.Use proper spelling ,grammar and punctuation.

4.Make it personal.

5.Answer swiftly.

6.Do not attatch unnecessary files.

7.Do not type all caps.

1.If your not consise to the point and run off the topic your friend will get confused.

2.its important you answer all the questions your friend or anyone that asks you a question.

3.if you don’t they might get confused about what your typing.

4.If you make it personal they might think you care about them.

5.don’t take a long time to answer or they’ll think you don’t want to talk to them.

6.if you attatch unnecessary files they’ll get bored.

7.its important you don’t use all caps because the person you are sending the email to might think your yelling at them and you didn’t really mean it.

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