finacial literacy project

I chose a doctor for this project and they get a salary of $76,305 then to get the total

I chose a fiesta ford because it was in my price range and because I had about half left

over so thats why i chose the car I have.


I chose an apartment for my shelter because it was an affordable price and was a good amount of space for just me and myself! My apartment has only 1 bedroom and only 1 restroom just for me!

Monthly Groceries

In a month I averagely spend $321.32 on my groceries.

Car Utilities

The car payment is $224, the car is $75, and lastly, the gas for my car is $120 a month.

House Details

My housing is $747, and the utilities (water,electric bills) are around $120.


I normally spend around $50 on my dog, and it does depend on how big your dog is and the amount of pets you have.


I have decided to only spend $67 a month on clothes and $27 on entertainment.

Health Insurance

I have decided $150 for my health insurance.


My phone payment is $80/month.


I have decided to only go out to eat a little bit so that I will only have to spend $60 a month for restraunt food.

Fun  money

I have decided to have some extra money, you know to buy things you really don't need! So I have decided to only spend $503.52 on FUN MONEY!


I save around 3,034.94 each month. I saved 5,737.32 in 6 months , and $6,485.88. I  know this because I multiplied how many months buy my monthly income.I am saving more than I was before.

Yearly Income/Monthly Income

My yearly income is $3,127. And my monthly income is $5,404.94.