Hepatitis C

  1. What causes this disease?

--The virus is spread by contact with contaminated blood, for example, from sharing needles or from unsterile tattoo equipment.

--The Hepatitis C Virus

2) Explain what happens to the body because of the disease.

The virus attacks the liver which causes it to inflame and sometimes it causes liver cancer.

3) Identify whether the disease is infectious or noninfectious disease.

It spreads by blood contact such as transfusions or shared needles,by sexual contact, from mother to child during pregnancy, labor or breastfeeding.

4) Explain how the disease is treated and/or prevented.

You can get a vaccine for the virus so that you are less likely to catch the disease, but if you do get it the treatments are: Simeprevir, Ribavirin (Rebetol) Sofosbuvir, Interferon alfa-2b by injection, Interferon alfacon-1 by injection

  • Does the disease have a public figure or celebrity connection?


  • If so, how has this connection helped bring awareness to the disease?

People have noticed that he had hep. C and have donated money to charities.

  • Has the dilemma that this virus or bacteria causes been solved or not? It has been somewhat solved because there are treatment options
  • What are researchers currently doing to try & solve this dilemma? They are trying to make a cure for Hepatitis C.
  • What is the current research about this virus or bacterium?

CCZ is a drug that might prevent the Hepatitis C virus.

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