Symbols! They're Everywhere!

There is many different forms of symbolism in The Great Gatsby. Symbols such as; God's Eyes, the pearl necklace, the dog leash, Daisy's green light, Gatsby's clothes, and many more. All of these symbols have two different sides to them. An example can be Myrtle's dog leash when she shows Tom and gets really excited to have a dog in the apartment. "I want to get one of those dogs," said Myrtle. But, the dog leash also came back later in the story when Wilson found it and pushed her face into the window and yelled at her, accusing her of cheating. The Yin and Yang represent how one thing cannot happen without the other. Like how shadows cannot be without light, or a day with no night. In the story, Daisy's green light was not visible with it being night time, and Gatsby would not have his fancy clothes without being a bootlegger and becoming rich. All of these symbols act in unison to create a dynamic system.

Nick Zajec


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