Like me, like you

"I was just like you."

The past of James Ratcliff.


What was your hobby?

"I loved drawing, that was my favorite thing to do. I would draw any and everything. From people to animals, to random objects. It was once a hobby then it turned into a talent. When I had any time to draw I would. The most thing I would look forward to was art class, projects anything that had arts in it I would do it."

Did you play sports? What kind did you play and were you good at it?

" At your age (15) I played football and wrestling. I was really good at wrestling, I was on the top. Football on the other hand, well not so much. I was not good at working with others on a team. I was rather better on one on one."

Were you popular in school? And how did you become popular?

"Sports was the main reason how I got popular. I was always popular in school. I also had what you kids called swag. I walked around school and everybody known me."

Were you a rebel growing up? Did you smoke, drink, sneak out, etc.?

"No. I did what I had to do. I got in trouble every here and there But I never smoked, never drink."

What did your parents worry about in those days?

"Passing the next grade. I always struggled in school. Trying to stay out of trouble and trying to keep good grades. And trying to stay away from girls."

What was your taste in clothes?

"Baggy clothes and whatever was in. I was a very stylish guy in school. Whatever came out I was wearing it. I wore the gold chains and I was a wanta be gangster. wore Rolex and I was just stylish."

Tell me about the relationship with you parents? Was it good bad? were close with them?

"I was never close. I tended to keep everything to myself, I never went to my parents for anything. Only because my dad was strict never understood. While my mom was always busy. Anything that came out my mouth was for food. half the time I couldn't even have anything to eat. I had to wait for dinner to get something to eat."

How many girlfriends did you have?

"None. My wife was my first girlfriend. We've been together for 17 years and married for 16. I love her so much I cant go a minutes without talking to her."

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? What was it?

" I was 16 years old. It was a Rottweiler. I thought it would be cool to get a tattoo. My parents on the other hand was not happy. They were quite mad."

What was your biggest concern when you were my age?

"Making money. When I was your age I was ready to go to work."

What social media did you have growing up?

"A pager"

What was your favorite kind of music?


My fathers life sounds the same but more fun. He had more freedom then me, I have a more restricted life style. Compared to now and then I have a phone and plasma television and high technology while back then he didn't have cell phones instead he had pagers and tube television. He didn't even have the internet. I would rather stay in this generation then my dads generation. I couldn't see the world without high technology. I couldn't see how life would work without it. But I don't like this generation because parents are not as strict as parents were back then.

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