What is Plagiarism?

Why is it so important not to plagiarize?

What are some strategies we could use to help us avoid plagiarizing?

Think about Friday's video

- underlining key words
- jot notes
- asking questions to guide inquiry

Today's focus will be asking questions to guide our inquiry

What learning verbs are we using or going to use during this process of looking for information?

Burnaby Mountain

What do we want to know about Burnaby Mountain?

What is happening there?
Who is involved and why?
Why are people protesting?
What is the government doing to help the issue?
What effects does the pipeline have on the environment?
Is Burnaby Mountain going to be able to handle the construction/tunnel?

What have we discovered?
Is what is happening at Burnaby Mountain right? Wrong? Why?

In your own words, summarize what you have learned by using the guiding questions.

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