A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Kenny Murillo
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Nissan: With Dad
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Kenny Murillo

Kenny Murillo

Mr. Smith

English 12

2 March 2015

Nissan: Racers Divorce

Growing up on racetrack and living a lifestyle of eating, sleeping, and breathing racing has been a blessing. I’ve seen lots of exciting things and lots of scary things, but nothing can prepare you for witnessing someone you love getting into a racing accident. My dad being a three time world champion racecar driver, and I’ve seen him get into some pretty nasty wrecks, leaving with the same feeling everytime. The 2015 Nissan commercial is about a young racing family splitting up because the wife can’t handle the stress, the scares, and the scenes that come with being married to a race car driver. Racing is a dangerous sport and anything can happen. I’ve been around many families who have split because of racing. A term around the track is “racers divorce”. This commercial breaks down a successful driver who went through a racers divorce and in the end needs to win his sons approval with his new Nissan.

The producer in this commercial wants to show how a Nissan can fill someone’s reputation with ethos. This man’s reputation is a successful race car driver who knows a lot about cars. The first thing I want to put emphasis on is being successful. Nissan’s main objective is to show how their car resembles wealth and being successful. Some people see cars as a social stamp of your wealth. Nissan wants to show tthe audience hat their car shows class, wealth, and fame. Since this man is a race car driver, they wanted to prove that racers choose Nissans for a classy sports car over of the more common car companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.

Throughout the commercial is a timeline of a this racers life. It starts with having his son being born then immediately going to the track for a race weekend. He misses most of his sons “firsts” and most of his childhood. It shows him driving a Nissan 370z race car during a race in Texas and is involved in an accident. He later gets out of the car with no injuries. The wife being scared during this crash, she couldn’t handle the stress, and the nerves to that come with being with him. She takes his son and leaves the driver. Who becomes incredibly successful and is shown winning prestigious events while his ‘racers family’ watches. After this win, he goes to pick up his son and surprise him in his new Nissan. Therefore capturing his sons approval of, “My dad is badass”.

The commercial appeals to us emotionlally when they frame the dad as a man who chases and achieves his dreams. This makes the audience feel…. The producer really captures a dedicated man with a dream in mind. Nothing is going to stop him from living out his dream. The writer of this commercials defines this racing character as a hard working, dedicated and do whatever it takes kind of guy who can’t be stopped from living his dream. In the end, his dream involves him driving a Nissan. Any man who wants to live out his dream and be like this successful man, should drive a Nissan.

Even though there are no words in this commercial, the logos is clear: winners drive Nissans. Throughout his career, he drives Nissan race cars ranging from a common 350z to a prototype. Each car he drives, he wins in. This is telling the audience that Nissans are fast cars and can make good street cars.

There are no words in this commercial, which means the music is heavily relied on to establish the warm tone and mood. . “The Cats In The Cradle” is a perfect song for this commercial. It sets an emotional connection between the son and his dad. In the song it sings, “I just wanna be like you dad”. This describes this commercial perfectly by his son being a prospect. The music is very soft and something you can relax and be told a story without being overwhelmed.

Being around this lifestyle, I feel it has captured a racers perspective nicely. It may be a little over dramatic with the accident, but I do believe that a car is a staple of your wealth, and how you take care of your car is class. This man pulls up in an extremely clean Nissan that is still a little sporty to impress his son. It reassures his son that he is a successful person. He wanted to capture his sons approval and he did with his new Nissan.

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