Brighton Beach Memoirs                     Cameron Seabrook

The Great Depression

The great depression was the hardest recession that has ever hit the U.S. Everyone was affected by it! A lot of people lost their homes and even took their own lives as well.Many people were left unemployed from the whole recession. No matter where you lived your money was gone if you had it in a national bank.

College in the old days...

If you Eugene was to attend college, he would've gone to anywhere really.Tuition during the time that Eugene would have gone to school would have been any where from $200 to $400 for an undergraduate program. Room and board would've been $520,books $50. Gas at the time would have been 35 cents. One major difference between college from there to now is the cost to attend college,it is much more expensive to attend college now'a days.

Stans Apology...

Dear Mr.Stroheim

I am one of the only two men who are working in the house of seven. Things are really hard as right now, I've been stressing over everything lately. I made a dumb decision which was also the wrong decision. I live my life by principles and I felt as if I needed to stand up for them as well as my co-worker. I couldn't let him get in trouble for something he didn't/have no control of.

I just honestly felt as if something needed to be done, and I am willing to admit that I was wrong. i really need this job sir. Our family is really struggling to be honest. I will do anything to have this job back sir! I really am sorry, as soon as I did what I did I realized I was dumb and a wrong.

I just really wanna apologize once again. I really really need this job sir. If you do accept to take me back,feel free to deduct money from my paycheck, I just really need this job back sir. I'm desperate

                                                                                                      -From Stan

Phantom of the Opera

The first showing of the phantom of the opera was in 1986 and as of right now tickets are priced at any where from $120 to $900 for a showing in New York. The show is over 25 years old and it is still running on Broadway! It has grossed over 100,000,000 dollars. There has even been two movies made about the musical as well.

I would totally recommend this play to a friend. It has a deep story line and the music is pretty good. Amazing actors and they even have extras that are pretty good, they may be a small part of the show but its a huge role as to how you view and enjoy the show. If I have to rate it on a scale of 1/10 it would be an 11/10 to be honest.

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