Glee's representation of eating disorders

Glee is  a TV drama, comedy and musical all at the same time. It’s a show that focuses on the ups and downs of life and the many social issues that can happen in high school. Since my final project is on eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), I decided to talk about Marley Rose from Glee. She is one of the main characters in the forth and fifth season. Marley is not really accepted because of her over-weight mother and her low self-esteem. Her mother is an overweight lady that is far from being an ideal beauty icon. Marley fears not being accepted by the New Directions.  Later in the show, while Marley is trying on her costume for the show, Kitty makes remarks that Marley is not fitting into her costume and making all sorts of jabs. All of a sudden, a controversy occurs when Marley is confronted for being slightly overweight for her character of Sandy from Grease.The funny thing is that Kitty has been altering the costume.  This leads to a series of dangerous events such as Marley becoming bulimic and even passing out on stage. This incident is because of a girl named Kitty that sabotages Marley to look a certain way and experiment with some eating disorders. She shows her into the bathroom and convinces her to try bulimia. Due to the fact that Marley wants to be accepted, she does as the popular girl says which leads to all of Glee club hating on Marley. I think that your body shape does not define who you are in any way and people should accept you for the way you are. There will always be a mean ''girl'' trying to put you down for whatever reason, either for your weight, your hair or any other sensitive subject to a person. Also, in my opinion, eating disorders are a sensitive subject to talk about especially on such a popular television show like Glee. This type of scenario might raise awareness for people suffering or on the contrary, lead people to becoming anorexic or bulimic because it might make people feel like this is the ideal situation for people our age. In my opinion, there is one major insecurity that many people fuss about and that's body image and the focus on being thin not healthy.

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