Where Do I Come From?

     This is one of the few pictures we have during this time of my mom and dad, and me and all my siblings. It seems to be taken around 1975. When this picture was taken there were ten of us kids living at home; two more would soon follow. What is interesting is that during this time, the older siblings cared for us younger (I’m the second to the youngest at this time) ones most of the time because my mom and dad would leave for weeks at a time to work in the fields. This picture captured one of the rare times when we were all at home enjoying a meal together. As I talked about this photo with my mom and sister I learned that when my dad was home for a few days vacation he always wanted to make sure to have one family meal altogether, and he would do all the cooking. This picture captured one of those times! To this day, whenever we have family gatherings my dad always makes something. Just a few weekends ago for Mother’s Day, he made a big bowl of ceviche. He has always been a good cook and at almost 85 years young, he still has the touch!

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