Happy Mother's Day!!!

A Poem From Me

Mom, at times you are very cloudy and it can get a little rainy.But sometimes, the rain leaves a spark of light that is always in your heart.That spark can lead to the amazing things that you always do for me and those amazing things can go on,and on. But the  only thing you don't want to do, is to make that spark of light dissapear from the most delicate part from your body that makes you live. Cause without that part you cant do these amazing things.You can't be the strong mother you are,you can't be that counsoler from school, you can't be the teacher you are, you can't be yourself at all. But mom, all i want you to do is to keep that little speck of light live forever,so you can be those amazing things you are.

~ love, Kassandra

                                                                              P.S. I wanted to tell you thank you and i                                                                             love you sooooo..... much!

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