Where did the disease originate and how?

Boston and because somebody ate bad foods. Then that one person spread it across the world and now people in the US have it.

How did it spread?

It spreaded by 7 people going to disneyland unvaccinated and they caught it on the airplane and the spread it at disneyland.Then everybody got it and passed it on.

What does this say about the country?

This says that California is a pretty good state but they should have vaccinated so they wouldn't have spread it and then the whole outbrake thing wouldn't have happend.

How a major outbreak of this disease could affect a countries government?

A major out break could affect the government because it could make people angry at the government and over throw them and also make people leave that place and the population would go down and the sickness could make the people lose their government because it could kill the president.

How a major outbreak of this disease  could affect a countries economy?

It could affect the economy by making people leave the place and if you have less people then you wont get as much money which could affect the whole place and then eventually the whole place just fall apart.

How a major outbreak of this disease  could affect a countries culture?

It could affect the culture by first getting to the people then getting to the crops and food and then the people would have no more food and they would all kind of slowly die out and there would be none left of their kind.