12 interesting ways to use Glogster in the foreign language classroom.


1. Ice Breakers or Getting to Know You

Starting off the school year in the same old ways? Try using Glogster EDU as an innovative tool to get kids to express themselves about who they are and what they hope to accomplish over the year! Create a “Meet Your Teacher” glog with all the makings of a fantastic glog (audio, video, links, graphics, images, documents) and not only let your new students get to know you and your teaching philosophies, but train them on HOW to create a glog of their own. This could be their first assignment.

2. Classroom Newletter

Glogster EDU is a fun, interactive way to get newsletter information to your parents! Post images, videos, audio, parent support links, homework assignments and more! It is fun and much more visually appealing to click away and interact with a newsletter than to receive a paper or link to a digital paper than only needs to be read.

3. Coordinator´s / Principal’s Corner

Glogster EDU is a great way for administrators to connect in innovative ways with their staff, community, and parents. Create a Principal’s Corner glog sharing ideas, links, information, photos and more!

4. Cooperative Learning Tool

Students can work on different topics and share their glogs . Encourage them to write comments asking questions.

5. Graphic Organizers

Create templates as graphic organizers and assign them to your students for them to fill out and submit back to you on a variety of topics from literary responses to scientific comparisons!

6. Problem Solving Quests

Type questions, have students utilize Glogster as a way to poster links, photos, videos, and explanations to solving these problems.

7. Research

A productive application could be to assign research topics to students and have them create their own resource glogs

8. Biographies

Have your students research individual people of history, authors, or other significant figures and then collaboratively create a glog or series of glogs that showcase the biographical information they learned.

9. TImelines

Have students create personal timelines, timelines of historical events, or science.These timelines can be so interactive with photos, videos, interviews, soundbytes, and digital articfacts. SO much more than a read-only paper timeline.

10. Spelling Patterns and Practice

Spelling tests or practice are no longer just paper and pencil activities. Have students respond to an audio clip of you dictating or pronouncing the spelling words and have them type in the word! It’s as easy as that!

11. Homework

Send glogs to your students with links, videos, audio, and photos as well as guided questions for them to answer! It is a fun and exciting way to get kids to do their homework.

12. Brainstorming for writing.

Some recommendations !!

Get acquainted with Gloster before you start using it with your students.

Create the first glog together and keep it simple.

Set a time limit.

Gloster has so many options to choose that students might take longer than you thought.

Which of these uses of Glogster would you take for your own teaching ?


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2 years ago

I like the idea of using this tool for introducing myself.I haven´t done this but I would like to have a try. My last glog was used for a warming up for my 6th ad. I wrote many quotes about adversity for them to start discussing the topic. What about you ? What would you use glogster for ?

2 years ago

I really like Glogster! I think I'm going to use it with my little students as a kind of review for each unit. I'll include everything they are suppossed to know for the exam so they can go over it at home whenever they want.

2 years ago

There are many things you can do with this amazing tool...I´m trying to get acquainted with it...and I would use it for making my contents more visual so as to generate an impact in my students who would certainly remember the content there exposed!!! I would try to apply all the things here suggested!!!

2 years ago

There are so many creative ways of using Glogster. I'd use them all! I'd start assigning students homework with videos, fotos and guided questions for them to answer. I think it's a good way for them to become acquainted with this tool.

2 years ago

I think it is a wonderful tool to make our students review the vocabulary and grammar structures in a new and interesting way. I find glogster funny for them and what is more,they can practice the four skills.

2 years ago

jaja I made a comment under the name of wow!!!...and I don´t know how to change sorry

2 years ago

I made a comment but I don't know where!! I think it's a great tool. I'd like to use it to introduce myself so as to get students involved in the "know how".

2 years ago

I agree with you Miriam .I will use it to introduce myself next time. Sometimes we forget to use old resources that really work and are very attractive. You can also use tackk . It is also attractive.