Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt

So its time to create Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt Pinboard in Pinterest. (I created one too check it out by clicking here) If you don't like Pinterest use one of these:

As you all may have figured out, I am a huge Pinterest fan, I think it was made by an artist....but I'm not sure. If you don't have a Pinterest account you can set one up using your school email, Facebook or Twitter. If you only use it for this class that is fine, when you are done you can delete it, but we will be using it throughout the year.

Here is what you are going to do, a photography scavenger hunt. You are going to find 20 photos, all will be pinned to Pinterest. In the description of the pin you will put which item it matches.  You need to tell me WHY YOU PICKED THIS PHOTO- do this in the description!  

If you choose to do something not visual- like a powerpoint or something just include that info in the slide.  You need to LINK your photo in your slide as well.

So why are you doing this?????? To be inspired? So Mrs. Riehle can see your photographic eye? To see what type of photography interests you? To have some fun? To see how you can use Pinterest for reason other than finding prom dresses? YES!

So for the first few I have given you examples of websites that contain what I am looking for, you can google them (DO NOT USE GOOGLE IMAGES, FIND THE WEBSITE), use Pinterest and repin (you will want to check out the website), or Flickr (I have a flickr stream as well!) PS- Don't pin things from the first 8 websites.

Photographers who take photos of the following:

1. Portraiture-

2. Landscapes (no animals)

3. Wildlife (animals)-

4. Sports Photography-

5. Editorial Photography (tells a story)-

6. Fine Art- Still Lifes etc.-

7. Fashion Photography- FYI- I can't pin from this website- if that is the case copy and paste the link and put it in your blog.

8. Commercial Photography- ( Here I had to go to the blog to find something I could pin, the website didn't let me pin) Paul is also an EXCELLENT editorial photographer, check his website and his blog out!!!)

Find Photos that contain these things: Make sure they are artistic photos, not just snapshots. (I pinned some in My Digital Camera Board if you would like to see them them)

9. Insects or Waterdrops (Macro photography)

10. Happiness

11. Pattern

12. Bokah (oooooooooo what's bokah, look it up)

13. Old hands

14. Moon

15. Water

16. Black and White ONLY

17. Architecture

18. Sorrow or pain

19. Depth of field (foreground sharp, background blurry)

20. Free Choice

When you are done- you we will learn how to create a tackk board just like this one!