Bullets and Ballots

1. what groups were involved ,who had the power?

The groups that were involved were the peasants, Government, Army & Wealthy, the Gorillas and the United States . At the beginning of the game the Army & Wealthy had all the power and as the game went on at the end the United States had all the power.

2. how did the balance of power shift and why?

The balance of power shift because the other groups wanted to over throw the Army & Wealthy so they would make treaty's and plans to team up with another groups and the United States.

3. how was cooperation and conflict show in the game?

Cooperation showed in the game when other groups would make deals  and treaty's so they could get the peasants vote. And get help from the United States.

How conflict showed in the game is when the United States would make deals  and treatys they would change there mind and the other groups would get mad. and at the end of the game the United States just took over the Gorillas went to jail, the Army & Wealthy had to join the United States or die, the government became president of there country and the peasnts got a what they needed to survive.

4. what role did the United States have on the simulation/

The role the United Stats had on the simulation was to help and support groups in the game.

5. what happened to a country when the power shifts, is this a positive or negative effect?

I think when the power shifts its a negative effect because people  would start to turn on the groups with the power so they can get the power.


The cooperation I have in my family is the television in are living room. my family has this rule that we can watch TV until my dad gets home from work but then he gets to change it to the weather channel.

The conflict I have in my family is when my brother and I are watching TV in the living room we fight over the shows and movies we are going to watch. Then my mom yells at us to be quiet. And then we don't get to watch tv.

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