Five Nights At Freddy's Fan Game Contest

Hey Guys, I'm here with my first ever contest. For this contest, the rules are to create a template for a 5N@F fan game, and submit it. Then, after your template is approved, make the game on Scratch.

SO what does your template need?

Animatronics: At least 3 (some could be similar to the hallucinations in FNAF 3 that are not fatal) , Their behaviors, and what they look like.

Tools: What do you have to defend yourself EX: Doors in FNAF 1, Mask in FNAF 2, etc.

Phone calls: you need at least 3 different phone calls on different nights (in the template write the words out)

Extra: Extra nights (Night 6, Custom Night ETC)

Ultimate Challenge mode: you need a night that is very hard and is the biggest challenge Ex. 4/20 in FNAF 1, 10/20 in FNAF 2.

After being approved: MAKE IT!

Scoring is based on 5 categories from 1 to 10. (MAX of 50 Points.)

Difficulty: The game should not be too hard or easy.

Playability: There shouldn't be too many bugs and the controls should flow well.

Horror: The game should be scary.

Visuals: Good graphics. Animations would be SWEET.

Audio: Phone calls, Jumpscare sound, Good Ambiance