Natural Fibers

By Dwanequa Bailey


  • Staple fibers: Lower quality, short fibers.
  • Filament fibers: Long, continuous fibers of higher quality.
  • •Cellulosic fibers: Fibers from plants. Protein fibers: Fibers derived from animals or insects
  • cotton- The soft, white, downy fiber (boll) attached to the seed of a cotton plant.
  • characteristic- Strong and durable
    Cool to wear
    Shrinks in hot water
    Wrinkles easily
  • wool-The fiber that forms the coat (fleece) of sheep.
    characteristics- Natural insulator; warmest of all natural fibers
  • flax- The fiber that comes from the stem of a flax plant.
  • characteristic- –Durable and strong –Lustrous and smooth –Comfortable and cool to wear
  • silk- The fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm.
  • characteristic-–Luxurious appearance and feel
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