The Holocaust was during World War 2 and Hitler had an extreme hate for jews and forced all jews to be mass murdered and exterminated and wiped from the earth. Concentration camps  were made for jews to be held captive, and exterminated by ways of; being put in gas chambers or showers that released gas instead of water, they were also burned to death, some jews in these concentration camps were put to work as slaves and tortured.

                                                                        The Build Up

The nuremberg laws were a anti Jewish act that germans or the nazi party created by the Germans or Nazi party on September 15, 1935, marking the major step in clarifying racial policy and removing jewish influences.

Jews before the holocaust were discriminated against before the holocaust, the holocaust and WW2 were two different events but the holocaust was the result of WW2 and happened in the middle of WW2, Jews were disliked by the Nazi party because of Hitler and convincing the people of Germany that they were evil people, this then led people to believe the Holocaust was alright.

Kristallnacht was a huge impact of the holocaust. Kristallnacht translated into english means Crystal Night, also referred to as the Night of the Broken Glass. this was a program of deadly attacks against jews, these attacks were delivered by SA paramilitary forces and non-jewish civilians.

                                                                 Labor Camps

The most common of all concentration camps during WW2 was Auschwitz, it was located in Poland and was the biggest of all the concentration camps, it is most popular for the amount of lives lost within the walls. Belzec was also a very popular concentration camp and was almost as gruesome as Auschwitz, Belzec was also located in Poland and more than half of the concentration camps that exited were located in Poland.

                                                                Methods of Mass Murder

Jews were killed in these concentration camps in many different ways and some even involved burning jews to death, avery popular way jews were killed were being starved to death, although starving them to death was popular disease was also very popular, but the most violent and ruthless was when jews were put in a incinerator and burned to death. Also scientific experiments were taken place on jews such as trying to find a cure for diseases and also experimenting with dangerous parasites and bacterias.

                                                                  Deaths Toll for the Holocaust

The holocaust caused many deaths, but it is not possible to calculate an exact number of jews casualties but the deaths of jewish casualties during the holocaust was roughly 6-7 million.

                                                                Related Genocide

Although the holocaust was one of the biggest if not the biggest genocide in the world with 7 million people dead. But other genocides could not be forgotten and not respected and forgotten. In the 1800's a genocide took place in Haiti. It was carried out against the remaining population of the French Creoles. The massacre of genocide took place in the territory of Haiti and was carried out from February 1804 until April 1804. and resulted in as many deaths as 3000-5000 deaths of people of all ages and genders and even children.



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