Jamal Edwards


Jamal Edwards is the founder of SBTV and is 23 years old. His passion for film making began when he was given a basic camera for Christmas when he was 15. He had no formal training and he has somehow turned a hobby into a business which turned him into a mulitmillionaire. He was creative because he had a simple/basic camera and he started his success by making videos by filming his friends and families rapping or singing and posted them on YouTube. Also he is friends with entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. He posted videos to YouTube because it would have been easier for extended friends to see the videos. He used to work in retail at the shop Topman but he quit so that he could make more time to spend on editing and making videos. His company gives people a chance to upload their rapping or singing videos and then if they are good enough then they are uploaded to YouTube. His business has even branched out into his own clothing line and says that he is always looking for ways to expand such as video content that would cover sport, fashion and sport.  

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