MARKET RESEARCH: a way of finding information to satisfy customer needs. Businesses such as apple use market research when they are about to launch a new product, market research benefits apple as they find out exactly what customers want and how to satisfy their needs.

PRIMARY REASEARCH: primary research is information that is made by yourself and that is non existing on the internet such as questionnaires and surveys. apple uses primary research such as questionnaires to gather information on what customers want. primary research can be beneficial to all businesses as its up to date, information will be your own meaning that competitors wont know the information that you have gathered as they may just rely on secondary information.

SECONDARY RESEARCH: existing information e.g. books and the internet. Secondary research can also be very beneficial to businesses as it already exists so it saves time, it is often cheaper than primary research, information may be in a lot of detail


The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketers, marketing mix consist of the 4 p's: place, product, promotion and price. Marketing mix tells a businesses what area they should be focusing on in order to be successful.

WHAT DO CUSTOMERS WANT?: good quality, good prices , nice design

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Great start...good design and clear understanding

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