Nuclear Energy

By: Dakota McCloud

Nothing is clear, Like nuclear

Nuclear energy is made when energy from splitting of uranium atoms in a processes called fission. Fission releases energy that heats up water all around it and turns it to steam which then turns turbines and then creates energy.

1. Radiation Therapy: What this is supposed to be is a cancer treatment. Cancer is basically caused by cells that won’t die so radiation therapy is used in attempts to kill cancer cells.

2. Food Processing: It is very common now at days to expose small amounts of nuclear radiation to get rid of/kill micro organisms,bacteria, and other deadly things that can be in the food.

3. Power Plants: Most viable source of nuclear energy. over 400 power plants world wide that function on nuclear reactors. Also over 20% of the united states energy is run off of nuclear energy.

4. Stars:  Stars, such as the sun make light and heat by nuclear reactions particularly nuclear fusion. In a way the source of solar energy is really nuclear energy.

5. Submarines: Great use in all navies. Run on nuclear reactor, and are very quiet

Nuclear energy produces a lot less green house gasses than coal. Also it produces a lot more energy than all of the others energies. Lastly their is a good amount but it is not considered renewable just yet.

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