The map to disney world in florida

This is the location to disney world.

Pizza in disney world

this is the greatest pizza in the whole world.

This is a kids meal

This is a kids meal it is so good and its cool because the burger is shaped like mickey mouse.

the merry go round in water

This is the best thing ive been on in disney world its fun because you get to ride it with your friends and family.

the lazy river.

This is the lazy river so if you want to swim and just relax the lazy river is the place to do it at.

The pool for family.

This is the pool for ground ups and children its fun to jump in and swim come on down and have a blast.

This mickey mouse charcters.

These are the mickey mouse characters in disney world.

The carnival in disney world.

This is the carnival in disney world its fun to ride all the rides and look at the fireworks to.

Disney world in florda is the best place to bring your family all down and have a blast and spend time with your kids and husband so come on down and you will have the time of your life.


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