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Book Talk Presentation for "Suicide Notes" by Michael Thomas Ford

Michael Thomas Ford

MIchael Thomas Ford

Brief Summary

In "Suicide Notes", Jeff wakes up in a hospital and has to stay there for a 45 day program in order for a psychiatrist to find out why he attempted to commit suicide and to help him with his "problem".  The entire story basically revolves around this and why the other kids are in that program and how they compare to Jeff. Each chapter is composed of each individual day that he spends at the hospital. There are some sad parts in this story, but there is surprisingly a good amount of humor that lightens the subject of suicide. This is seen especially in the beginning of the book, where he uses a lot of sarcasm towards basically everyone. There is a good amount of profanity in this novel along with some very..."disturbing" parts that I wish I hadn't read.

Number of stars

Why I liked it

The story was very well written and a very important, serious message was given at the end. I wouldn't give it five stars just because of the three or four days that I think could've been less detailed.

Passage from the book

“I didn't realize there was a ranking." I said. "Sadie frowned. "What do you mean?" "A ranking," I said. "You know, what's crazier than what." "Oh, sure there is," Sadie said. She sat back in her chair. "First you have your generic depressives. They're a dime a dozen and usually pretty boring. Then you've got the bulimics and the anorexics. They're slightly more interesting, although usually they're just girls with nothing better to do. Then you start getting into the good stuff: the arsonists, the schizophrenics, the manic-depressives. You can never quite tell what those will do. And then you've got the junkies. They're completely tragic, because chances are they're just going to go right back on the stuff when they're out of here." "So junkies are at the top of the crazy chain," I said. Sadie shook her head. "Uh-uh," she said. "Suicides are." I looked at her. "Why?" "Anyone can be crazy," she answered. "That's usually just because there's something screwed up in your wiring, you know? But suicide is a whole different thing. I mean, how much do you have to hate yourself to want to just wipe yourself out?”

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