Galileo project

Jordyn C.,Grace R.,Amber S.

Galileo was born in February 15, 1564 in Pisa Italy. During his lifetime he has done many amazing discoveries. At first he wanted to be a doctor so he went to the University of Pisa to study medicine in 1581.

While studying, Galileo started an interest  for physics and mathematics. One of his first observations was a lamp hanging off a cathedral. This was different than the scientific principles of this time.

He soon left school and projected his own discoveries ,one of which  was the Tower of Pisa experiment. This was when he dropped two objects of the same size and shape but different weights. This  proved that even though they are different weights they will drop at the same time.

In 1609 Galileo tried to build his own telescope after he heard of the device.He had improved the telescope to make better observations of the planets.He's invention was soon all around Europe.With the telescope Galileo discovered 4 moons around Jupiter,phases of Venus,sun spots,and that the moon has craters and is not smooth.

In 1632 Galileo wrote a book explaining why he thinks the earth orbits the sun.The Catholic church declared he's discoveries heresey. Which made him sentence to a life of house arrest. During his arrest he became blind and then died on January  8, 1642

  • Galileo noticed that the planet Saturn wasn't round. It was later discovered that Saturn had rings.
  • A year before his death he came up with a pendulum design used for keeping time.

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