Narrative Poem - Howard 6, November 4, 2013

The Boy Inside

Kevin with a body of a hippo
Kevin of the rectangular glasses
Kevin whose nicknames are always different
Kevin is a boy who gets new friends,chases someone when he gets messed with,lives in a heart of kindness,likes to talk to a lot of girls, loves to read his books,and likes to make people.ple laugh.
Kevin arrives to school being snoopy as ever
Helps his friends out when they are upset
Talks back to the bullies who makes fun of him
Because he doesn't like to be bullied.
Kevin inside that nice shirt ready to learn
Inside a boy that makes people laugh there heads off
Inside that 265 pound body
Is a boy who has the kindness.
He's a good person to talk to
Fun to play around with
Collects the laughs with his friends
Super smart and makes good grades
and a good friend.

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