The Tasmanian Tiger, Alive, or dead?

Is the Tasmanian Tiger dead for good? Can or WILL the scientists bring it back? Before these can be answered we have to know why, how and when they went extinct. We also need to know more about them!

What did the Tasmanian tiger look like?

The Tasmanian Tiger was a wolf like marsupial, with huge jaws and a cat like tail. It also carried many cat like features, like slimness, agility, very sharp teeth, and again the long cat-like tail. It was a light yellow color, with black stripes going down the back but no where else, with a light orange color where the stripes were. The Tasmanian tiger was the size of a small wolf or a large dog.

      Why did they become extinct?

In the early 1900's people were convinced that the Tasmanian tiger was eating their sheep (or so most of them say) only a few did because of low prey in the area which they lived thanks to competing with the wild dogs in the area, still people were afraid that all of them would go after their sheep, so they started to hint them to extinction.

The last Tasmanian tiger died on September 7th, 1936, in the Hobart Zoo.

                       What, Why?

What did the Tasmanian tiger eat? Mainly smaller marsupials, birds, sometimes sheep if starving, and poultry, they also ate kangaroos, wallabies, rats, emus, goats, and sometimes even bats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Why did the Tasmanian tiger eat the sheep? They only did it out of hunger and starvation, if they did it at all, there has been people who said not at all, and people who say they did.I believe they did eat sheep during winter and when they were starving, but i also believe that they only very rarely ate sheep.

     Is the Tasmanian Tiger really a tiger?

The answer is no its not its actually only called that because of the dark stripes going down its back. The Tasmanian tiger is actually closer to the Tasmanian Devil . People also call it the Tasmanian Wolf because it is a large and dog-like animal.

                      Random Facts

People claim to have 'sightings' of the Tasmanian Tiger today. Tasmanian tigers had pouches, even the males. Tasmanian tigers hopped like kangaroos when they wanted to, even though they looked like dogs they did, and could hop like a kangaroo when scared. Tasmanian tigers also walked and ran clumsily and wobbly when at high speeds.The Tasmanian tigers were nocturnal, people think they were from the start, or Tasmanian tiger hunters forced them to adapt to hunting during the night. The Tasmanian tigers big, no huge jaws, were to weak to kill anything really big, so they hunted smaller animals like a small wallaby. And Believe it or not, the Tasmanian tigers closest relative is the Banded Anteater.

              Will scientists bring it back?

The answer is possibly, they are, and have been trying to, but it went extinct in 1936, and scientists may have to use older bodies of the Tasmanian tiger. It would be really hard to bring them back. For those of you who don't know how they would be able to bring any animals back, its like this, they take the DNA out of one animal, and take the egg of another animal in this case lets say a frog, they take out the old DNA and replace it with the new DNA, and create a complete clone of the other frog that they took the new DNA from. They have done this before with a sheep. So yes they have been trying too, and one scientist has mad progress by putting Tasmanian tiger DNA into a mouse, and a baby mouse carrying the Tasmanian tiger gene actually began to develop.

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