Temperate Grassland

Aaliyah Treece, Andrew Brock Stewart, Ashja Satterfield, Ann Garner Waldrop

Welcome to the Temperate Grassland!


Why should you visit our biome?

In the Temperate Grassland we have many things you can do we have a safari hunt and you can meet the animals. We have many different plants.


You can enjoy our weather . The best time can you come is in the spring. In the winter the clothes you need to bring are fur coats, warm pants, toboggans,and snow boots. In the summer the weather is really hot. You need to bring shorts and a ball cap.


The animals you can see are Bison, Prairie Dogs, Coyotes, Swift Foxes,Badgers,and Black Footed ferrets! These are some really amazing animals you can see if you visit our biome.


We have some really amazing plants!!

Our plants are elephant Grass, Bear Berries, and jackal berry trees.

We do have some poisonous plants, one is called Rhododendron Campanulatum.

So, you better make sure to not mess with unfamiliar plants!


We have really fun things you can do here!!!

You can watch birds,moth and butterfly spotting,safari hunt,wheat farming,meet the animals we have,nature walk,plant seeding,hiking,and take photos of the amazing things we have here.



Dakota Bodlands, Hustai National Park, and African Parks are places you MUST visit in the temperate grasslands! They are very beautiful sites and you could learn a lot!


Kid (1) - $10.00 for a 3 day pass

Adult (1)- $15.00 for a 3 day pass

Family Package (5 people)- $100.00 (per week)

We want it to be in a good pricing range, so everybody can enjoy the Temperate Grassland!