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Mistakes happen but, there are some mistakes that can hurt you forever. Like 1 in 10 teens are infected with a sexual transmitted disease, which is an STD. Teens who are being sexually active, only 1 in 5 of them has an STD. The most common STD's that teens receive are Chlamydia, Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). These STD's can be identified, by the symptoms they carry.

  • Chlamydia in females: pain during urination, Vaginal discharge or bleeding, and pelvic pain
  • Chlamydia in males: Pain during urination, discharge from the penis
  • PID: pain in the pelvic area or abdomen, vaginal discharge, unusually long and painful menstrual periods, spotting between periods, fever, painful urination, nausea
  • Gonorrhea in females: (often no obvious symptoms) pain during urination, vaginal discharge or bleeding, pain in the abdomen or pelvic area
  • Gonorrhea in males: pain during urination, discharge from the penis
  • Syphilis: Phase 1 (10 to 90 days after infection) painless ulcer, called a chancre at the place where the bacteria entered the body
  • Syphilis: Phase 2 (2 to 8 weeks after infection) fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, muscle aches
  • Syphilis: Phase 3 (2 or more years after infection) heart and nervous system damage, including blindness and loss of mental abilities, possible death
  • HPV in females: genital and anal warts (pink or reddish warts that appear on the genitals)
  • HPV in males: genital and anal warts

HIV is human immunodeficiency virus and that is just the first stage. HIV is of course a virus that people get. You get this virus by sharing needles, having any contact with body fluids like semen, viganal descharge and giving birth last but not least by having sexual activity with an infected person. You can not get this virus by holding hands with people, sharing a drink from the same cup, kissing or by sitting on the same tolite seat. There is treatment for this virus but, it is not curable. Taking a combination of pills will totally help with the virus. But the pills have to go with your treatment.

Now, AIDS is aquired immune deficiency which is the last stage. AIDS happens when you T-cell (white blood cells; immune system) drops 200 or less than the normal number of T-cells. You can not die from this sickness. You die from a normal flu or any sickness your body catches. You don't die from the flu because your immune system doesn't have enough T-cells to battle off the flu so the flu takes over and you die. Just like HIV, AIDS does not have a cure, but it has treatment to stop the flu or any type of sickness to take over. You can drink all your pills, eat healthy, excersive regularly and by staying fit.  

John Doe

Mr. Doe as a young 17 year old man who was popular and captain of the football team at Tiger Wood High School. He talks to us about life as a high schooler and how he got into some sticky situations. But there is just one sticky situation that stands out from the rest. Mr.Doe tells us as a young man he would get called to many parties. One night, Mr.Doe got a phone call from his good friend Bill. Bill was calling to invite him to a Frat party that one of his friends invited him. Mr. Doe admits that he was tired but his friend persuaded and manupulated him into going. Once Mr.Doe meet his friends at the party, they started to drink and dance with other people. Mr. Doe remembers a college girl pulling at him and forcing him to into a room with her. He goes into the room with her and things start to go down.

A couple of months later he starts to feel funny. He gets really sick and has joint pain. Mr. Doe decides to go to the doctor's office to get checked out. Mr. Doe describes to him the pain and symptoms he has. The doctor draws some blood samples and runs some tests. " I remember sitting in the office......waiting to see what was wrong with me." clames Mr. Doe. "As soon as the doctor came in with head down low... in new there was something wrong." Mr. Doe was dignosed with HIV on that day. Mr. Doe know 28 years old is on the virge of AIDS and is trying to fight for his life. He has this to say, "All of this could have been prevented if I haven't have gone to that party. I really regret everything I have done and no one should do the same as I did."   

Get Yourself Tested

Published: Stephanie Menendez  12/14/12

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