1. submit recipes...

Email and upload forms can get funky when it comes to pictures. And you know downloading images from all senders can get sketchy too! Inviting your foodie-fans to submit recipes to your contest with a Tackk is crazy easy and leaves little room for wrong photo sizes, bounced emails or malicious zips.

2. review submissions...

Instead of opening emails or uploaded packets, use a recipe contest Tackkboard for a quick view of what's been submitted. It's one click to view the whole Tackk. Be sure to tell your fans to include a contact form on their Tackks. See something you like? Just contact the creator from his or her Tackk.

3. highlight your board...

Not all submissions will win the big prize, but it doesn't make them worthless content. Let your readers grow your Tackkboard as a community-driven depot of recipes and culinary content. Consider the sortable gallery a value-add without excess effort on your end.

We can even help you educate readers to tag their submissions for useful content (i.e., dessert, chili, vegan, holiday). Viewers will then be able to filter for specific types of recipes and use your user-generated board as the ultimate resource.

Get started.

Starting your own contest Tackkboard is easy. Just create a new Tackk, tag it "(Your Name) Contest" and click Finish. Select the "share" icon in the editor panel on your right and click the "See on the Tackkboard" link at the bottom of the panel. Direct fans to this board, where they'll be able to browse other submissions and create their own pre-tagged Tackks for your contest.