Forensic Science

Genesis McCree

Session 1

In session 1, my partner and I got to learn what forensic science is. Forensic science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about a crime scene. We got to learn some basics behind forensics. We got assigned crime scene. Somebody vandalized the Running Well High School's Synergistic lab. We got to create a crime scene sketch and learned the steps involved in processing a crime scene.

Session 2

In session 2, my partner and I got to learn the history of fingerprinting and its use in identifying people. We also got to practice lifting a fingerprint.

Session 3

In session 3, my partner and I got to collect and analyze the fingerprint evidence from the Running Well High School case. We got to learn about the process of DNA fingerprinting. We reviewed the DNA fingerprinting process and completed a DNA extraction.

Session 4

In session 4, my partner and I reviewed the process of DNA fingerprinting. We got to mix together some things and complete a DNA extraction.

Session 5

In session 5, my partner and I learned what trace evidence meant. We got to relearn the parts of a microscope. We also collected and analyzed trace evidence from the Running Well High School vandalism case.

session 6

In session 6, my partner and I got to explore the process of document analysis. We also got to complete a chromatography analysis.

Session 7

In session 7, my partner and I constructed a theory about who committed the crime at Running Well High School Synergistic Lab. My theory was that 10th grader Stewart Dent committed the vandalism crime because he was angry about his grade in the class and he didn't like the teach Mr. Lab. I also think that the janitor Mr. Kip Cleen was in on the crime because Officer Bider's statement said that there was no forced entry and the school alarm system didn't go off.

Crime scene investigator

One of the many jobs in the forensics science is a crime scene investigator. A crime scene investigator's job is to secure and sketch the scene, gather the evidence, take pictures, and write reports. This job is related to my module because they gather the evidence and take it to the lab to be processed. This person also gets statements from the suspects and they help to catch the criminal.