Former Major General Michael Harrison on Academics

Retired Former Major General Michael Harrison is a man of exemplary character and fascinating experiences. He has been a leader in the service of this country that occurred over a thirty four year career which he retired from in October of 2014. Part of his background has been helping others in all kinds of situations. He looks to these experiences as a duty of his that he has taken as a leader. He has helped many people lead exemplary lives by sharing his principles of leadershipthat served him so well in his career in the military.

One of the ways he has done this is through his work in education. Many times over the years he has been called upon to speak at high school graduation ceremonies during his service with the United States Army. This is a critical point in young people’s lives and he has always relished the opportunity to speak at these critical and inspiring events.

Former Major General Michael Harrison has prepared students at this phase with the kind of inspirational send-off to their lives as young adults onwards into the future. Part of his message of course comes from his own long running experiences as a man of the military. He has seen the world and achieved a lot of great things in that career.

He realizes what a treasure it is to live in this country with its opportunities afforded to each individual which is above and beyond what anybody else in the world can dream to have a right to do. Each person has an opportunity to do the most they can with their lives and that moment of high school graduation is a logical point at which to emphasize that message. He encourages youth to continue their education and to use it to achieve great things in their own lives.

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