Foster and Monroe LLC - Debt Recovery

Since opening for business in the summer of 2013, debt management company Foster and Monroe LLC has developed mutually agreeable debt-recovery and settlement plans for a client base of banking institutions and other organizations. Its portfolio of services includes tracking debtors and other key parties as well as the discovery of crucial information via the extensive search of public records. Also experienced in finding hidden assets, Foster and Monroe LLC uses a comprehensive strategy to recover funds owed and to facilitate payment of debt.

Foster and Monroe LLC works closely with each client to resolve debt situations before they have to be litigated. Unfortunately, some accounts can not be handled through voluntary methods, so litigation, judgment, and forced attachment to assets are necessary. Throughout the process, clients receive portfolio updates and semimonthly status reports, as well as timely responses to questions and requests. The company treats both clients and debtors with respect, being committed to relieving financial obligations and helping to achieve clean slates. Once recovered, funds are remitted to clients twice per month and at all other times are protected by the company in its secure location.