Four Amazing Pubs in Hyderabad

There are very few metropolitan cities in India that have a distinguishing night life like Hyderabad. This south India based city is popular for its rich and diversified clubs and pubs that light up with the dwindling rays of the sun.

This pubs are havens for the energetic and vibrant city youth that submerge themselves into the music and ambience of these places till the wee hours. Among the numerous pubs in Hyderabad that fuel the entertainment spirit of youth in the night, following four pubs continue to stand out.

Hard Rock Café

The first visit to this place will surely make you fall in love with it. With mellowed ambience and classy furnishings, this venue collates the best atmosphere to evoke the jive entertainment spirit within you. Along with delectable food, this place offers some of the finest tunes in town that will force you to step onto the dance floor.

10 Downing Street

If you are a fan of good food, loud music and dancing, then 10 Downing Street is the perfect venue for you. Good music is the signature identity for this place along with its elating cocktails and amazing ambience. Its interiors will surely remind you of an old English pub, but the place is actually more popular as a lounge where you can spend some relaxing moments with friends or colleagues.

TGI Fridays

This place is ideal for Friday evening hangouts with colleagues. In terms of ambience, the TGI Fridays just surpasses the classical looks of an American bar. Apart from the great music played here, this place is quite famous for the ‘Happy hours’. With blasting music, crowded tables, and exotic delicacies, this venue is perfect to enjoy a pleasant, fun-filled weekend retreat.

Shamrock – the Irish Bar

If you are looking forward for an exciting celebrations with your peers, then do come down to the Irish Bar Café. Apart from mouth-watering starters, lip-smacking cocktails and enchanting music, this place is well-known for its sombre ambience and classic furnishing. Despite of not having a proper dance floor, the tunes played by DJ here compel many to step up and dance in the open space.