Foxxfyrre's Sketchbook

Working Hands: 11" by 14", Ink on paper. Drawn 2005from a photo in American Artist Magazine

Ink Drawing with Ballpoint pens

I started drawing when I was 37 years old. Except for the help I got from an artist friend, who gave me initial instruction over many coffee sessions, I learned to draw from various books. My favourite book which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn to draw is "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Dr. Betty Edwards.

Most of my drawings are in pencil, but I have done some ink work. The picture above, "Working Hands" is ballpoint on paper, and "Sword Fight" below is done with Staedtler pens.

Sword Fight, Ink on paper, 11" by 14". Drawn in 2002 from a magazine picture, but I can't remember which magazine.

Drawing also got me started in blogging. I created a blog to upload my drawings, but to also get critiques to help my drawing. After blogging for a time, I decided to change directions with the blog in order to help people that want to learn to draw.

This quest has sent me all through the internet to find resources that I could feature in forms of tutorials, ebooks, or websites that can help people that want to draw, but don't or can't do it formally in a formalized school/art class environment.

Via Youtube I found several art tutorials that are worth sharing, and several artists that have specific youtube channels to help people. Alphonso Dunn is one such artist that I recommend for I do like his teaching methods and topics that he covers.

The following video is Alphonso Dunn's demo video on drawing with ballpoint pens.


Frank Sirianni aka Foxxfyrre