Full Employment

Jacob, Allison, Kelly

"So basically they made an employment act in 1946 cause like they want jobs for everyone. I'm sorry. Its hard to sum it all up but the title is just what they want for a better economy." ---- Allison Hendrickson

"Ummmm... ummm..." ---- Kelly Ruff---- "People want jobs so they can support themselves and others and that's it... Right??"

"Both my partners uncertainty made me nervous so now I have gone and done my research..." ---- Jacob Taylor

The Employment Act of 1946 was passed to provide as many jobs as possible so people could support themselves and produce output for others.

This photo sums up what we were trying to sum up for our goal, which is full employment.  The photo talks about how it will be easy to find a job since the Employment Act of 1946 added several new jobs.

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