Yes, both students have differences but, they are very different if you think about it. The Thailand students, gets up earlier, goes to class earlier. & she is younger so she has a different level of brain power. Plus, they live in two different commities so, they probably live different ways or do something the other student does not.

A day in the life of a Thailand student Laddawadee. She lives with most of her family in Bangkok. Her favorite things to to are read book along with watch tv shows.

At about 6:00 A.M. her dad gets her up for school. She showers and put on her school uniform they wear.

At 6:20 her dad makes her breakfast. He normally makes her Khan Tom which is just porridge made with rice and some milk.  

At 8:00 she goes to school. Her first class is either English or Math but, she likes Math because she's better at that than English.

In the life of a Moores Hill, Indiana student. This students name is Sabrina Smith. She lives with her mom, and little brother. She likes to talk to her friends along with going outside.

At 5:30 her phone alarm goes off making sure she gets up for school.

She  then starts to get ready. But, first she has to wake her little brother up for pre-school and make sure he gets in the shower. Then, go gets herself ready. After both of them are ready for school, they both sit at the table & eat. At 7:00 she wakes her mom up, her mom gets her coffee and takes them to the elementary school.

At 8:15 her first class starts. She has History 1st period.

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