perspective of the crusade

muslims being attacked

Why was Jerusalem important to your group?

Jerusalem was important to us, Muslims because Jerusalem was the place towards which they turned in prayer until Prophet Muhammad changed it to Mecca. Jerusalem is also the place stated in the Quran that Prophet Muhammad was taken up to heaven. This happened at the furthest Mosque also known as Al-Aqsa. Jerusalem is the only place in the world that is of great significance to Jews, Christians and us.

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Cause of the Crusade based on your point of view?

Our people took Jerusalem for many reasons. One was that we prayed, studied, and resident here. Also, our prophet, Muhammad, was taken to the heavens. Those are some of the causes of the Crusade on us, the Muslim.

The impact of the Crusades on my group?

The Crusades had a huge impact on us, because it killed tons of our people and we were left dead and captured by the enemies. That is the impact that the Crusades had on us.

Your groups perspective on other groups?

The attack from the Crusaders was very gruesome and unexpecting, they also had the superior upper hand and we were left helpless.   

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