Blake Davis

ENTRY 1 - My name is Jesse Davis, I am 23, I live in Georgia and I have a wife and 2 kids. I own a small slave-less farm. I'm a  confederate soldier. Although I don't own slaves I believe that if the yanks are going to attack us we should defend ourselves. My kids are a boy(2) and a girl(3). My wife is my age, 23.

ENTRY 2 - person 1 - hey possum, those sheet iron crackers last night were nasty, the whole camp smells like quick-step.

Person 2 - I know!

Person 3 - Partly my fault…

Person 2 - Did you see that guy who got bit by a hornet? Yeah, old sawbone stitched him up real good.

Person 3 - I know, I saw it happen… The hornets were flying all around.

Person 1 - I’ve been through the mill, i’m really played out. I gotta skedaddle. (person 1 leaves)

person 2 - did you see that guy walk through camp he was as tight as wallpaper, you could smell the tarwater coming of of him from a mile away

ENTRY 3 - Dear Wife,

            I have finally found time to write to you, I have been really busy at camp, General likes camps tidy. Finally as winter approaches he released us from camp and is allowing to make a log house. Me and 3 other men built our living quarters in less than a month. We have candlestick holders (bayonets stuck in the ground), Tables (ammunition crates), chairs (crates) and even a fireplace and chimney. We are currently camping in Georgia, but as soon as the snow melts we are marching north to the Mason-Dixon line. A man that lives in a log house close to mine once snuck out at night to gamble and was caught. Officer forced him to carry a long and march from sunrise to sunset, he was shaking with exhaustion. We were told that we could invite our families to visit, would you like to take the kids and come and visit. I can show the little ones about life at camp. Drills, then spoiled food, then drills and sleep.





ENTRY 4 - I liked The Battle Hymn of the Republic because it has a good message and its catchy.

Confeds like us will fight together



Confeds likes us will camp together




Johnny Reb stands strond and proud.




Billy Yank will fall to us.



   The wars almost over and we're on top.




How do Jeremiah and the Union troops, some of whom are African-American, react to slaves they meet? Probably respect them, some of them know what it's like in their position.

How do the hungry troops treat Southern farms? They will probably take their food and burn the rest.

Will Jeremiah ever know what happened to his brother? Probably not, the war has split them apart.

ENTRY 6 - Today during battle I witnessed a man get bit by a hornet, horrific. He got bit in the leg. Sawbone had to cut his leg off. Their sending him home in 3 days. A boy in my camp fell sick, when doctor bled him it didn't work. They had to carry him off to the hospital, he was on his death bed. War is terrible wife, before screaming, crying all around me.


Today we had a battle, we had to march 10 miles until we finally met the Yanks in this prairie. I came out unharmed, but I could hear hornets whistling by my ears. People were crying and screaming. Blood stained the grass dark and shiny.

ENTRY 8 - Dear family,

                                  There is talk around camp that the war is ending. General says we can go home tomorrow, I will be home soon. Hopefully we didn't destroy the town. I really can't wait to come back and return to a regular life. I don't know what we are going to do without slaves though. Maybe we can have slaves but pay them in food?

                                                                               Yours truly,

                                                                                            J. Davis

Can't wait to return home to my wife and kids.

This had lots of color, I had to take a pic.

Here's the view from camp in the morning.

Here's a picture of us playing cards, something we love to do for fun.

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