Walia Boilers’ Salient Features

Walia has made a trusted name for itself because of the unique and efficient innovations it has employed in the design and manufacture of boilers. It has the distinction of introducing the original double and even the triple furnace steam boiler, proving the company’s pioneering spirit in the global manufacturing industry.

No refractory is used in Walia boilers, making them practically trouble-free and longer-lasting than most other boiler brands. The boilers also have high thermal inertia to maintain pressure and temperature. They also have large water holding capacity and can, therefore, deliver more heating energy compared to smaller and less efficient alternatives.

Another feature of Walia boilers is that they are fully factory assembled and require no special foundation or support in order to operate. This allows for easily installation and operation, without the necessity of special construction on order to accommodate the boiler.

With all this major features and other minor advantages, Walia Boilers are guaranteed to deliver excellent performance for boiler users worldwide. Truly, Walia pushes the boundaries of innovative technology in boiler design with its unending and uncompromising search for quality products.

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