Junk food!!!


Junk food has a lot of sugar.  Junk food is  extremely bad for you, because it can make you go hyper and  you could go crazy by eating so much sugar, it has no healthy things in it,  and it doesn't fill you up for long.

Junk food containes lots of sugar and fat. Cupcakes, cakes, and all other sugarry treats are unhealthy.  I like to eat them too, but we all have to try to eat less of it and make healthier choices.

We need to stop eating to much junk food.  Especialy when you come home from school, right after dinner and after any eating meal.  If you eat to much junk food, you will not be healthy and you won't be feeding your body the things it needs to grow strong. Junk food includes things such as;

1) cookies

2) chips

3) chocolate

4) cake

5) ice cream

6) fast food

The dictionary meaning, "junk" is useless extra or something that is not needed.  That means our bodies do not need that useless extra junk food because it doesn't do anything good for our bodies.


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