My name is Max.

       I am like to play videogames and draw. My favorite game is Pokemon X and I like to draw angry birds but I am thinking of starting to draw some Pokemon.

Tools Of Trade


Edmodo is a learning management system. Edmodo can take quizzes and polls. This helps students work on school work.



Remind helps teachers "remind" students of upcoming events. It can teachers and students communicate to find out about upcoming events.  


Easely is a site for making info graphics. students use this for a quick and easy way to create info-graphics.



Tackk helps make websites. Students can create there own site to help them with schoolwork.



Socrative is a quick way for teachers to know what their students know. Teachers can create quizzes to know where their students are to know what they need to teach.


The IB Design Cycle

The Design Cycle helps make solutions to solve problems. Student can use the design cycle to help them create solutions to solve problems.

My car wont start.

Step 1: Inquiring & Analyzing

Sub-step 1:Explain and justify the need for a solution.

I won’t be able to get where I am going.

Sub-step 2: Identify and prioritize primary and secondary.

Check the parts and see if I can trouble shoot it.Have it towed to the repair shop.

Sub-step 3:Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem.

Have a friend pick you up.

Tow it to a repair shop.

Car pool, call a cab, ask a friend, or mechanic, fix it.

Sub-step 4:Develop a detailed design brief

I found that I am not sure what’s I tried to troubleshoot it but I think it’s not just the battery, I had a friend pick me up and had a had my car towed to the repair shop

Step 2: Developing ideas

Sub-step 1: Develop a design specification

I need to have a way to get places

Sub-step 2: Develop a range of ideas that are feasible

Buy a new car or repair it. Ride the bus or with another person. Rent a car. Walk. Bike. Taxi.

Sub-step 3: Present a final chosen design and justify its selection

Cost to fix the car and If reasonable and if not; buy a new one

Sub-step 4: Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements

If reasonable repair the broken car.

If not buy a new car or rent one

step 3 : Creating the solution

sub-step 1: Construct a plan

Have some one tow it.

Have an estimate given.

Pay for it and drive have

sub-step 2: Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Doing excellent research on car mechanics.

sub-step 3: Follow plan

Make sure we check off the items in the plan.

sub-step 4:  Justify any changes to the plan

If there are any changes, document why there are any changes.

sub-step 5: Present the solution

Take the receipt and estimate and take picture and videos

step 4: Evaluating

sub-step 1: Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of solution

Try to start car at different times.

Ride it a long way

sub-step 2: Evaluate success of solution against design specifications

Take a test drive.

sub-step 3: Explain how it could be improved

Taken car in for regular maintenance

When something sounds funny, check it immediately

sub-step 4: Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client

Everyone can get where they need to go

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