K-12 mLearning

Five Useful and Fun iOS Apps for Students


What is it? Socrative is an app that enables student responses using mobile devices. It can be used in real time and provides instant feedback to the teacher.

How can it be used? Teachers can post quizzes, polls and other review questions that students can individually answer on their devices. Answers can be recorded and displayed to the class. It also can used as a unique way to administer exit tickets and check for daily understanding.


What is it? Nearpod is an app that synchronizes mobile devices within a shared network. Individual devices can provide real time assessment in a lecture as this app allows all devices to follow along with a shared presentation.  

How can it be used? Nearpod can be used by students to follow along with a lecture as a teacher presents lecture notes on an iPad or iPhone. Students can engage in interactive activities with other students in the class, and also respond to lecture notes.


What is it? Earthviewer is an app that explores geologic time, and offers images and explanations to biological events that have occurred in our planet's history.

How can it be used? This app can be used in Middle School or High School level science classes. Students can investigate certain cataclysmic events in our past, and visual understand how the earth has changed over millions of years.


What is it? Edmodo is a social networking app that both teachers and students can use. It is also a tool that is helpful in creating and expanding PLNs.

How can it be used? Teachers can post homework to a class page and also encourage positive classroom discussions online. These discussions can be monitored and updated throughout the year. Teachers can also maintain learning networks with other teachers and gain advice and knowledge from experienced teachers in the field.


What is it? Showbie is a classroom management tool and an alternative method to hand out and collect assignments.

How can it be used? Teachers can distribute assignments to a class and collect them all wirelessly. Assignments and notes can be provided to the class, and students can receive written and auditory feedback in real time. Each student can have an individual file where only their assignments can be be posted so as to not ever have to worry about losing papers again.

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